Despacito and the GRAMMYS so old, so white, so male

So Despacito didn’t get even one Grammy. Bruno Mars got them all.  The internet is outraged.  Entertainment media is shocked. I’m not. To be honest I expected this.
Remember #shitholecountries? Well, El Salvador was also mentioned. Did anybody talked about it?
Despacito didn’t the win the #GRAMMYS because most of the United States is color blind to tones that are not black or white, and because the only black people who gets really recognized are the ones who act white.

Also, I must add, because most of the people who are at the helm of the #Grammys are old white men (otherwise how do you explain Sting, U2 and Patty LuPone -hello, “An English Man in New York was released in 1989 and LuPone debuted as “Evita” in 1979).

Bruno Mars was the safe vote.
The Academy voters thought they were giving the #Grammy to a “black” man (his dad is from Puerto Rico and his mom from the Philippines)  but how many do you think know this) who plays nice pop music. They play his music on their parties, so he is the best, right? Mars, an artist who, in the middle of a very political show, wouldn’t take the time to remind people of his family members still suffering from the effects of hurricane Maria, or acknowledge Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, ERIKA ENDER and all the other nominees to song of the year. Do I think there is a conspiracy against Latin music, or music in Spanish?. No. They snubbed JayZ too.
We aren’t important enough to even think of . To them is a non-issue. But things are changing and even Forbes magazine saw as important to publish an opinion piece on the stupidity of the Academy. USAToday is calling the GRAMMYS an ” out-of-touch embarrassment” and the internet hasn’t let the topic go, almost 24 hours later.
Sometimes, things like these have to happen for society to react. In the meantime, lets celebrate Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Zuleyka Rivera, Erika Ender and the magic of Despacito.

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